HELLO. I am a freelance culture writer and editor, and a contributing editor at Pitchfork. I live in London.

I used to be the features editor of NME (2013 – 2015), associate editor at Pitchfork (2012 – 2013), and assistant reviews editor of NME (2010 – 2012). I tweet, tumbl and you can see what I am listening to on my last.fm. (As I am readily available all over the internet, don’t pitch me via Facebook, which I don’t really use.)

You can find my byline at Uncut, The Guardian, The Observer, The Financial TimesRookieWireNPRBuzzfeedMTV News,VultureLenny and more besides. Here’s my portfolio. Although I write a lot about music, I am interested in most things and have recently branched out into topics around Cornish identity, film, sex, and other “hot issues“.

I do copywriting for some Big Name Brands (who I can’t name here but will probably tell you if you ask), and regularly appear on the Monocle 24 Arts Review to talk about music, along with various BBC radio spots including “Lammo’s” singles roundtable on 6Music, 5Live and BBC Scotland. With the help of producer Geoff Bird, I recently made a half-hour BBC Radio 4 documentary about quitting university, called The Drop Out Boogie, and would very much like to do more of that sort of thing.

Like all the best pop stars, I am a nerd off-stage but flourish with a mic in my hand; that’s not to say you should invite me to do my world class Dido impression on stage, but that sometimes people pay me to speak on panels about music/media/feminism/etc or to lead public Q&As with artists or interesting writers. I recently presented a frankly spurious but at least halfway entertaining paper about Cornish identity in the music of Aphex Twin at the EMP Music Conference.

Things I could do for you:

  • Write about music, pop and digital culture, feminist issues, freelancing, Cornwall and regional identity, all of the above or any other weird and wonderful subject in the medium of features, Q&As, op-eds “etc”
  • Provide editorial desk cover/freelance editing assistance
  • Copywrite/consult on your commercial project
  • Media train your band
  • Speak on your panel/podcast/radio show
  • Talk to your journalism/media students (or schoolkids—teachers can find me through Inspiring The Future)
  • Translate text between French and English (and vice versa); here’s a long feature I translated from French (and edited) for Pitchfork

Things you could do for me:

  • Commission me! My email address is snapes [at] pitchfork [dot] com // laurasnapes [at] gmail [dot] com
  • Refrain from filling my inbox with large mp3 files (links are always fine)